I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Kansas. I am also associated with the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center. Before joining KU, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate, working with Prof. Mung Chiang at Princeton University. I did my MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder, with Prof. Dirk Grunwald.

Research Summary

My research lies at the crossroads of communication theory, network systems design and radio architectures spanning the following topics:
Currently, I am focusing on analysis of large-scale data, collected from events at the network edge to make the wireless channel more robust against interference while addressing the challenge of being always best-connected over heterogeneous networks. My research also includes novel signal proceesing techniques for MAC-PHY crosslayer solutions in modern wireless networks. I employ a hybrid method of theoretical rigor and experimental evaluation using prototype hardware and wireless measurements.

Current Students

PhD committee chair:
Mohanad Al-Ibadi (EE) - Project: Predictive analytics for non-stationary V2X wireless channel

MS committee chair :
Jyothi Prasad (CS)- Project: Managing uncertainty in heterogeneous wireless networks
Krishna Karidi (EE)- Project: Enforcement of spectrum policies
Vaishnavi Yadalam (CS)- Project: Wireless mesh network for subterranean communication

Undergraduate Senior Thesis :
Arjan Gupta (CoE) : Project: Hybrid SDR on USRP and PicoZed platform

Prospective Students

I am always looking for motivated students who are not afraid to embrace hard and challenging problems. If you are a graduate student or senior level undergraduate in KU and are excited about wireless networking, software defined radios and mobile computing, I have projects with various levels of complexity for you to work on. "Please read this for details."


Spring 2016: EECS 700 - Special Topics: Internet of Things (First offering @ KU). (Course Page)
Office Hours: M/W/F 3.50 - 4.30 PM, 3046 Eaton Hall (Just after the lecture)

Fall 2015: EECS 563 - Introduction to Communication Networks. (Course Page)
Office Hours: T & R 11.00 AM - 12.00PM, 3046 Eaton Hall (Just after the lecture)

Selected Publications