Netarchive Data Plotter


The interconnected MAGIC and AAI networks are composed of a large number of network elements, connected by ATM OC-3c (155 Mb/s) and DS-3 (45 Mb/s) fiber facilities, and OC-12c (622 Mb/s) satellite (ACTS) facilities. These networks further interconnect to the ATDNet and CAIRN testbeds to form the basis of the AMAC or SuperNet internetwork.

The Information & Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas has been collecting measurements from the AAI and MAGIC testbeds since late 1995. The network archive architecture includes a configuration data base, time series database, traffic and connectivity information collectors, and various plot and information summary utilities. This toolset will be released to the Internet community for general use in the near future. Included among the types of information collected are throughput measurements based on switch cell and router packet counts, as well as connectivity and round-trip time information based on ping. To date, the network measurements have been used to characterize network traffic and to identify network performance bottlenecks. Quantitative evaluation of the performance of the AAI/MAGIC/ATDNet/CAIRN internetwork under a variety of conditions provides the information required for the ubiquitous deployment of large networks with a mix of transmission components.

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