We will be providing corrugated tri-fold display boards for demos and posters. Each board measures 36in high and 48in wide when open flat and 24in wide when closed. Please ensure that your poster fits the dimension of the board and note that the board needs to be partially folded to stand on a display table. We will also provide mounting clips and tapes for mounting your poster or slides onto the display board. An image of a board is below.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Demo Session (10:15 – 12:20)
IR and DB Tracks
Chair: Amèlie Marian
Room: Kula and Hana
KM Track
LUKe and MIKE:Learning from User Knowledge andManaging Interactive Knowledge Extraction
Steffen Metzger, Michael Stoll, Katja Hose, Ralf Schenkel
PRAVDA-live: Interactive Knowledge Harvesting
Yafang Wang, Maximilian Dylla, Zhaochun Ren, Marc Spaniol, Gerhard Weikum
4Is of Social Bully Filtering: Identity, Inference, Influence, and Intervention
Yunfei Chen, Lanbo Zhang, Aaron Michelony, Yi Zhang
lonomics Atlas - A Tool To Explore Interconnected Ionomic, Genomic and Environmental Data
Eduard C. Dragut, Mourad Ouzzani, Amgad Madkour, Nabeel Mohamed, Peter Baker, David E. Salt
CarbonDB: a Semantic Life Cycle Inventory Database
Benjamin Bertin, Vasile-Marian Scuturici, Jean-Marie Pinon, Emmanuel Risler
Supporting Temporal Analytics for Health-Related Events in Microblogs
Nattiya Kanhabua, Sara Romano, AvarÉ Stewart, Wolfgang Nejdl
InCaToMi: Integrative Causal Topic Miner Between Textual and Non-textual Time Series Data
Hyun Duk Kim, ChengXiang Zhai, Thomas A. Rietz, Daniel Diermeier, Meichun Hsu, Malu Castellanos, Carlos A. Ceja Limon
A Tool for Automated Evaluation of Algorithms
Philipp Kranen, Stephan Wels, Tim Rohlfs, Sebastian Raubach, Thomas Seidl
IR Track
A Summarization Tool for Time-Sensitive Social Media Walid
Magdy, Ahmed Ali, Kareem Darwish
CrowdTiles: Presenting Crowd-based Information for Event-driven Information Needs
Stewart Whiting, Ke Zhou, Joemon Jose, Omar Alonso, Teerapon Leelanupab
ESA: Emergency Situation Awareness via Microbloggers
Jie Yin, Sarvnaz Karimi, Bella Robinson, Mark Cameron
Cager: A Framework for Cross-page Search
Zhumin Chen, Byron J. Gao, Qi Kang
Mixed-Initiative Conversational System using Question-Answer Pairs Mined from the Web
Wilson Wong, Lawrence Cavedon, John Thangarajah, Lin Padgham
PicAlert!: A System for Privacy-Aware Image Classification and Retrieval
Sergej Zerr, Stefan Siersdorfer, Jonathon Hare
TASE: A Time-Aware Search Engine
Sheng Lin, Peiquan Jin, Xujian Zhao, Lihua Yue
Gumshoe Quality Toolkit: Administering Programmable Search
Zhuowei Bao, Benny Kimelfeld, Yunyao Li, Sriram Raghavan, Huahai Yang
Simultaneous Realization of Page-centric Communication and Search
Yuhki Shiraishi, Jianwei Zhang, Yukiko Kawai, Toyokazu Akiyama
MOUNA: Mining Opinions to Unveil Neglected Arguments
Mouna Kacimi, Johann Gamper
DB Track
MAGIK: Managing Completeness of Data
Ognjen Savkovic, Mirza Paramita, Sergey Paramonov, Werner Nutt
Exploration of Monte-Carlo based Probabilistic Query Processing in Uncertain Graphs
Tobias Emrich, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Johannes Niedermayer, Matthias Renz, AndrÉ Suhartha, Andreas Züfle
The Nautilus Analyzer: Understanding and Debugging Data Transformations
Melanie Herschel, Hanno Eichelberger
Demonstrating ProApproX 2.0: A Predictive Query Engine for Probabilistic XML
Asma Souihli, Pierre Senellart
HadoopXML: A Suite for Parallel Processing of Massive XML Data with Multiple Twig Pattern Queries
Hyebong Choi, Kyong-Ha Lee, Soo-Hyong Kim, Yoon-Joon Lee, Bongki Moon
MADden: Query-Driven Statistical Text Analytics
Christan Earl Grant, Joir-dan Gumbs, Kun Li, Daisy Zhe Wang, George Chitouras
STFMap: Query- and Feature-Driven Visualization of Large Time Series Data Sets
K. SelÁuk Candan, Rosaria Rossini, Maria Luisa Sapino, Xiaolan Wang
Primates: A Privacy Management System for Social Networks
Imen Ben Dhia, Talel Abdessalem, Mauro Sozio
AMADA: Web Data Repositories in the Amazon Cloud
AndrÉs Aranda-And?jar, Francesca Bugiotti, Jes?s Camacho-RodrÍguez, Dario Colazzo, FranÁois GoasdouÉ, Zoi Kaoudi, Ioana Manolescu
Lunch on your Own (12:20 – 01:30)
Demo Session S2 (1:30 – 3:35)
Chair: Amèlie Marian
Room: Kula and Hana
DB and KM Tracks (Papers are listed in Demo Session S1)
Coffee Break (3:35 – 4:00)
Demo Session S3 (4:00 – 5:40)
Chair: Amèlie Marian
Room: Kula and Hana
KM and IR Tracks (Papers are listed in Demo Session S1)
Conference Banquet (6:30 – 9:30)
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