Data-driven User Behavioral Modelling and Mining from Social Media

The Fourth International Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB 2012)

City Data Management 2012 Workshop (CDMW 2012)

  • The workshop aims to provide a forum to discuss challenges and opportunities of city data management and to promote interaction among experts. In this regard, main objectives include: i) Positioning of the city data management topic among the other types of data management (e.g. enterprise, Web) by identifying the unique characteristics of city data (e.g. heterogeneity, openness, geospatially, privacy, data source etc.) and by listing the requirements for managing such data. ii) Showing how the particular challenges (e.g. urban planning, resource optimization, emergency evacuation, transportation planning) of cities can be addressed by the information contained within the vast amount of available heterogeneous city data. iii) Drawing a parallel between the topics of city data management and the topics of the major tracks of CIKM (e.g. DB, IR, KM) will be a third objective of the workshop. The main outcome will be to produce a roadmap and a community of researchers interested in this topic in order to guide further developments and technological progress towards smarter cities.

  • Veli Bicer (IBM Research - Smarter Cities Technology Centre, Dublin, Ireland)
    Thanh Tran (Institute AIFB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany)
    Opher Etzion (IBM Research - Haifa Lab, Haifa, Israel)
    Fatma Ozcan (IBM Research - Almaden Lab, San Jose, CA, US)


The 2nd International Workshop on Managing Interoperability and compleXity in Health Systems (MIXHS'2012)

The 2012 International Workshop on Web-scale Knowledge Representation, Retrieval and Reasoning (Web-KR 2012)

International Workshop on Smart Health and Wellbeing 2012 (SHB 2012)

Politics, Elections and Data (PLEAD2012)

BooksOnline'12: Online Books, Complementary Social Media

1st International Workshop on Multimodal Crowd Sensing (CrowdSens 2012)

ACM Sixth International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics (DTMBIO 2012)

Fifth Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval (ESAIR'12)

Information and Knowledge Management for Developing Regions

The 5th Ph.D. Workshop in Information and Knowledge Management (PIKM 2012)

Twelfth International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management (WIDM 2012)

Fifteenth International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (DOLAP)

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