Grading Policy

The class will be graded competitively according to the percentages listed below. Each assignment within a category will be weighted equally. The course grade thresholds (that is, the numerical grade required to get a particular letter grade) will be set by the instructor to reflect the relative performance of the students. Class attendance is expected unless otherwise indicated.

Final Exam 20%
Project 40%
Homework, Participation     40%

Note: failure to complete the "Project" portions of the course will result in a grade of F for the course.

3% per day will be subtracted from assignments turned in late, except under extraordinary circumstances and with adequate prior notification of the instructor.

The student must notify the instructor within 48 hours of a missed exam and present adequate justification. If illness is the justification, a doctor's note must be provided to the instructor.

An appeal on grades for individual assignments must be within 14 days of the date the assignment is returned.

Further details of the project grading procedure may be announced in class or via e-mail as required.