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EECS 864 - Optical Communications Networks

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  • New course outline
  • Form Design Groups by 2/3
  • Provide design group project schedule for approval by 2/17
  • Design Review the week of 3/28
  • Lecture topic selected and approved 2/15

Use this as the format for project reports in this class: Technical Report Format for EECS 864

Use this as a guide to writing your reports. Writing Technical Reports



Homework #1 Due 2/3/05

Chapter 1: Problems 2, 4, 7

1) Go to the web and find the stat-of-the-art for laser tuning times; specify the times and wavelength ranges. Include url and the date.

2) Go to the web and find the stat-of-the-art for wavelength converters. Include url and the date.


Homework #2 Due 2/17/05  (Note date change)

Chapter 1: Problems 10, 13, 14

Conduct research to determine the nature of the following leading optical research

a) SURFnet 6,

b) CA*Net4,

c) TransLight.

Provide a short summary of their main attributes, e.g., geographical coverage, optical technologies, and applications.

-extra credit (equal to one homework problem) for providing (via e-mail) this information in the form of a few high quality powerpoint slides.


Homework #3 Due 3/3/05


Homework # 4 Due 3/10/05

Chapter 2, Problems 4 (only FR, FAR, ER and least congested routing), 6, 7, 10


Homework #5 Due 3/17/05

Chapter 5, Problems 1, 5 (do HLDA only)

1. According to Zang, Jue, and Mukherjee in the range of loads from 10-20 Erlangs is the there a significant difference between

 the eight different wavelength assignments algorithms that were studied? Why?

2. According to Ramaswami and Sivarajan under what conditions does the HLDA algorithm work well, under what conditions does it not work well?


Homework #6 Due 3/29/05

Chapter 9, Problems 1, 4 (and discuss differences, if any exist, between the integrated model defined in the book and the peer model discussed in class)

According to Xin and Qiao what is the difference between OBS and OFS? When does OFS perform better than OBS?


  • Design Review Requirements
  • Extend software is available in any EECS Labs (236 Snow & 1044 Learned), and the ENGR NT Lab in LEA
  • Erlang B, Erlang C, and Possion Tables: PDF


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