Invited Speakers

Professor Pierre Baldi, University of California Irvine, USA
"Machine Learning Challenges in Chemoinformatics and Drug Screening and Design"


Dr. William Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
"Machine Learning for Information Management: Some Promising Directions"


Dr. Brendan J. Frey, University of Toronto, Canada
"Learning in Biomedicine and Bioinformatics Using Affinity Propagation"


Professor Shamkant B. Navathe, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
"Text Mining and Ontology Applications in Bioinformatics and GIS"


Dr. Eric Xing, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
"Probabilistic Graphical Models --- theory, algorithm, and application"


Professor Jacek M. Zurada, University of Louisville, USA
"Advances in Machine Learning: Future Directions"