Simulation vs Experimental Results for the TIOC-ARL-EDC Simultaneous Connections

Georgios Y Lazarou

An experiment was carried out by Luiz Dasilva over the AAI Network in order to study the ATM WAN performance versus multiple simultaneous traffic streams between multiple hosts. The experimental set up is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Experimental Set Up for the TIOC-ARL-EDC connections

The experimental results were obtained using Netspec. In all cases, a full blast tcp traffic was used. For the TIOC to EDC connection, the TCP window was set to 128 KB and for the TIOC to ARL it was set to 32 KB. The BONeS simulation model for the AAI Network is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: BONeS simulation model for the AAI Network

The simulation versus experimental performance results are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Results


Experimental Results

Simulation Results

Baseline Results: Point-to-Point connections
TIOC-to-ARL 4.2 Mb/s 6.85 Mb/s
TIOC-to-EDC 64.2 Mb/s 62.92 Mb/s
Simultaneous traffic streams: single source, two destinations
TIOC-to-ARL 4.45 Mb/s 4.38 Mb/s
TIOC-to-EDC 64.36 Mb/s 58.53 Mb/s
Simultaneous traffic streams: two sources, single destination
ARL-to-TIOC 2.15 Mb/s 4.65 Mb/s
EDC-to-TIOC 52.42 Mb/s 65.01 Mb/s
Simultaneous full duplex traffic streams:
TIOC-to-ARL 4.34 Mb/s 4.92 Mb/s
ARL-to-TIOC 4.3 Mb/s 4.92 Mb/s
TIOC-to-EDC 22.18 Mb/s 39.86 Mb/s
EDC-to-TIOC 31.18 Mb/s 39.39 Mb/s