Ambient  Computational Environments
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Welcome to the Ambient Computational Environments (ACE) Homepage.

The ACE project involves the design and implementation of an environment where embedded resources are at our finger tips. Ambient Computational Environment represents a computer architecture in which computational resources, sensors, and actuators, in their widest sense, are available in our offices, conference rooms, hallways, and other places. Users must be able to control , with authorization, these computational resources within their proximate area, and access computational services that are long-lived and extremely robust. These users must also be able to interact in multiple ways with ACEs. We are developing prototype Ambient Computational Environments with these features, and are exploring the related architectural and deployment issues.

This project is sponsored by National Science Foundation, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, University of Kansas, Sprint Corporation and the prototype is currently being developed here at ITTC. Please take your time and tour our site.

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