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Innovative Active Networking Services

Innovative Active Networking Services

Project Information

Our effort represents necessary work towards bringing large-scale Active Network ing to realization. During the past four years, researchers have explored a numb er of individual components of Active Networking. These include, execution envir onments underlying operating kernels, security architectures, and preliminary se rvices. Each of these efforts has performed significant work in exploring a comp onent of the Active Networking design space. It is now time to pull together the se individual components into an integrated system and to establish the performa nce and behavior of large-scale Active Networks. The objective of reaching 1,000 Active Network nodes in the next few years requi res significant planning and organization, particularly given that the early Act ive Networking instantiations have been developed by many organizations.

Our project addresses the need to implement and understand Active Networking at multiple system levels. In particular the need to address: (1) IP, ATM, and othe r network characteristics, (2) interactions between the network and common opera ting system drivers, schedulers, and resource allocators, (3) interactions with application level programs and performance, and (4) issues with deploying Active Networking into the network service provider framework.

The next step in Active Networking is to integrate developed components into an operational system. We are performing such an integration, the development of in novative Active Networking services, the implementation of a significant Active Networking testbed, and the extension of the testbed to additional sites. We bel ieve this is a substantial step toward the realization of Active Networking.


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