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Bandwidth required for the Orderwire Network


The traffic over the orderwire was analyzed to determine a relation between the maximum update rate and the number of RNs. The protocol used for contention resolution on the broadcast channel is the Aloha Protocol which is known to have a maximum efficiency close to 18%. Given the bandwidth of the orderwire channel, size of an orderwire packet and this value for the efficiency, we compute and plot the value for the maximum update rate (in packets per minute) for a given number of RNs. The plot of Figure 13 shows the variation in update rate for between 10 and 30 RNs. This study gives us an upper limit on the number of RNs that can be supported over the orderwire given a minimum required update rate and handoff rate.



Figure 13: Orderwire Traffic Analysis.

Steve Bush
Tue Nov 12 11:48:31 CST 1996