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The MYCALL Timer, set to a value of T in the analysis section, controls how long the system will wait to discover new ES nodes before completing the configuration. If this value is set too low, new MYCALL packets will arrive after the topology calculation has begun, causing the system to needlessly reconfigure. If the MYCALL Timer value is too long, time will be wasted, which will have a large impact on a mobile ES system. Table 6 shows the input parameters and Figure 16 shows the time required for all MYCALL packets to be received as a function of the number of ES nodes. These times are the optimal value of the MYCALL Timer as a function of the number of ES nodes because the these times are exactly the amount of time required for all ESs to respond. In order to prevent the possibility of an infinite loop of reconfigurations from occuring, an exponential back-off on the length of the MYCALL Timer value is introduced. As MYCALL packets arrive after T has expired, the next configuration occurs with an increased value of T.



Table 6:   MYCALL Timer Simulation Parameters.

Figure 16: MYCALL Packets Received.

Steve Bush
Tue Nov 12 11:48:31 CST 1996