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Virtual Network Configuration Implementation

The effort required to enhance network configuration to include Virtual Network Configuration is minimal. Three new fields are added to each existing message: antimessage toggle, send time, and receive time. Physical processes include beamforming, topology acquisition, table updates, and all processing required for configuration. Each physical process is assigned a tolerance. When the value of a real message exceeds the tolerance of a predicted message stored in the send queue, the process is rolled back.

Also, an additional packet type was created for updating an approximation of the GVT. Since the network configuration system uses a master node as described in the physical layer setup, this is natural centralized location for a centralized GVT update method as well. RNs transmit their LVT to the master, the master calculates an approximate GVT and returns the result.

Steve Bush
Mon Aug 26 18:24:40 CDT 1996