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Timing Results

This section summarizes the results of some timing experiments that were undertaken to examine the performance of the orderwire system. The experiments involved determining the time required to transmit and process each of the packet types listed in Table 1 using the packet radios. Only two packet radios were available for development and experimentation, and three packet radios are required for the simplest RN to RN connection through an EN. Thus the timing for the DEC AN2 switch VC setup and handoff emulation was carried out using TCP/IP to emulate packet radios while using the actual network configuration software. Figure 7 illustrates the physical setup used for these experiments while Figure 8 illustrates the physical setup used for the experiments involving the real packet radios. The results are presented in Table 9. Since the workstations being used for our experiments were also being used by other users, the measured times are probably higher than would be obtained using dedicated machines.

Figure 7: Physical Setup for PVC Timing.

Figure 8: Physical Setup for Packet Radio Timing.

Table 9:   Network Configuration Timing Results.

Steve Bush
Mon Aug 26 18:24:40 CDT 1996