ITTC Industry Advisory Board

ITTC held its annual IAB meeting on April 3, 2009. The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) helps guide ITTC’s research and development initiatives. The picture was taken outside Nichols Hall on the KU campus.

Front Row (Left to Right): Keith Braman, Mike Swink, Marc Epard, Matt McClorey, Tom Crook,
COL (RET) Wayne Parks, and Brian Ruf.
Back Row: Joseph Evans, Michael Sobeck,John Strand, Eric Mokole, Tim Johnson, Susan Norris, and Kevin Carr.

Member Comments on Board Experience

"ITTC is a great example of the exciting possibilities that exist at the intersection of research and enterprise. Researchers develop innovative technologies that are given opportunities to mature at the Center. This incubation makes ITTC technologies ripe for commercialization opportunities," said Victor Hwang, managing director, T2 Venture Capitol, Mountain View, California and ITTC board member.

"This world-class research center is a renewable Kansas resource. Given the necessary care and resources, ITTC can help grow a more robust, diverse economy. Talented ITTC researchers are developing technologies that can be spun out into Kansas companies. These start-ups attract high-tech innovators and give ITTC alumni more opportunities to stay in the state after graduation," said Marc Epard, ITTC IAB member; Horizon Analog, Lawrence, Kansas.

"In today’s world, business would do well to look toward the innovative research taking place in centers like ITTC. As a state and nation, we need to find new ways to use technology. ITTC helps us to understand what is possible and provides us with ideas on how to make possible, what is not. As we are challenged to create a new infrastructure and economy, it is good to be able to take advantage of this resource," said Susan Norris, ITTC IAB member; communications industry advisor, Norport Technology Management Consulting, Lenexa, Kansas.

ITTC Industry Advisory Board Members

Jim Brandt, Vice President, RT Logic

Gerard Canavan, Chief Marketing Officer, Road9

Andres Carvallo, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Grid Net

Scott Coons, President & CEO, Perceptive Software

William Duncan, Ph.D., Retired

Marc Epard, Horizon Analog

John Fitzgerald, Executive Director for Information Technology, Westar Energy

Jeff Fuller, Engineering Projects Manager, Honeywell FM&T/KCP

Keith Gary, Director of Program Development, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute

Marshall Greenspan, Ph.D., Director of Technology, Northrop Grumman Corporation Electronic Systems

Bennett Griffin, President, Griffin Technologies

Chris Gutierrez, President, Kansas City SmartPort

David Hardin, Pd.D., Technical Director, Rockwell Collins, Inc.

Timouthy Johnson, Vice President for Innovation & Technology, IDEA Center

Matt McClorey, President/CEO, Lawrence Regional Technology Center

Eric Mokole, Ph.D., Head, Surveillance Branch, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Ryan Moore, Manager Consumer Auto Software, Garmin Industries International, Inc.

Wayne Morgan, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Netchemia

Chris Murrish, Vice President, Cerner Innovation, Cerner Corporation

David Nicol, Ph.D., Chief Financial Officer, Solutionary

Susan Norris, Communications Industry Advisor, Norport Technology Management Consulting

Wayne Parks, Col. (Ret), Cubic Applications

Brian Ruf, Chief Information Officer, Ruf Strategic Solutions

Stephen Schneider, Director, Sunflower Broadband

Michael Sobek, Chief Technology Officer, StoreFinancial

John Strand, Axis Solutions

Mike Swink, Partner, Ascent Intelligence, Inc.

Ben Vos, Vice President, Sprint

Gerald White, Regional Client Executive, HP Enterprise Services