Bioinformatics Reading Group

The rapid development of bioinformatics techniques is leading to innovations in various fields in computer science including machine learning, data mining, information retrieve, high performance computing, and database management, among others. Bioinformatics seminar is an initiative at ITTC to provide a forum for faculty, stuff, and students to discuss the latest research progress related to bioinformatics.

   Topics For Summer 2008


We will meet every Thursday at Nichols Hall Room 250, from 2:00 pm to 4:30pm.

Presentation Schedule

Group Members

  • Xuewen Chen
  • Luke Huan
  • Vincent Buhr    Jong Cheol
  • Hongliang Fei
  • Bing Han    Yi Jia
  • Jaehyun Kim    Mei Liu
  • Meeyoung Park    Brian Quanz
  • Alexander Senf    Aaron Smalter
  • Jim Vallandingham   Xiaohong Wang
  • Mike Wasikowski    Leo Zhang

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