People in BCLS Laboratory

Xue-wen Chen

Bioinformatics and Computational Life Sciences Laboratory, Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC), University of Kansas

Associate Professor
Dept. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of Kansas

Current Members

Bing Han

Ph.D Student
Identifying Epostatic Interactions in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jong Cheol Jeong- Here for Mirror site

Ph.D Studuent
Identifying protein functions and binding sites by using amino acid sequence only together with developing new feature selection and machine learning algorithms
Meeyoung Park

Ph.D Student
Machine learning
Wenrong Zeng

Ph.D Student
Computational Methods to Enable an Invertebrate Paleontology Knowledgebase


Mei Liu

Posterdoctoral researcher, Department of Biomedical Informatics Vanderbilt University
mei.liu AT
Alexander Senf

European Bioinformatics Institute
Jim Vallandingham

Software Engineer at Garmin International
Michael Wasikowski

Operations Research Analyst at US Army, US Army TRADOC Analysis Center

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