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The judges will use sheets similar to this one, but only the portions underlined on this sheet will be present. The judges’ sheets will have scores in place of the question. The science Fair Committee hopes the questions will help you when you prepare your project and display

I. Scientific Method and Processes

A. Background information: What do you already know?
B. Research Question: What are you investigating?
C. Hypothesis: What do you think is true/going to happen?
D. Variables:
1. Independent: What factor are you changing?
  • Control Condition (experimental designs):
    How do you usually find this factor?
  • Experimental Condition (experimental designs):
    How did you change this factor?
2. Dependent: What factor may be changed by the way the independent variable works?
E. Constants: What factors did you keep the same during your project?
F. Procedure: What did you do? Does your experiment need repeating? Did you repeat it?
G. Data Collection: What information did you gather?
H. Data Interpretation: What did you do with that information?
I. Conclusion: What did you find out from your data?

I. Scientific Method and Processes

A. Written Report: Is your report complete and legible? Any means of preparing a legible report is acceptable in all age groups
B. Display/Graphics: Is it self-supporting and complete? See General Information, Section II, for more guidance.

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