Special LAMBDA meeting – Brent Yorgey

Brent Yorgey (former editor on HWN, PhD student from the Programming Languages Group at the University of Pennsylvania) will be visiting KU on Tuesday. He will be talking at 1pm.

Title: Random testing and beyond with combinatorial species
Time: 1pm
Place: ITTC (conference room TBD).


How can we perform effective random testing of functions involving recursive data types? What about functions involving recursive data types and constrained (type class) polymorphism? Can we extend our programming languages with mechanisms for declaring and computing with data types whose subparts are not completely ordered (e.g. bags or cycles)? These are just a few of the questions we may be able to answer using the theory of combinatorial species, which deserves to be much better known in the functional programming community. I will focus on test case generation for recursive data types as a case study, using it to build some intuition for combinatorial species and the magic of generating functions. I will then hint at some other applications of combinatorial species and directions for further research.

Brent’s web page: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~byorgey/

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