ChalkBoard Release

CSDL and the FPG at KU are please to announce a new release of the experimental image description language ChalkBoard.

ChalkBoard is a Haskell hosted Domain Specific Language (DSL) for image generation and processing. The basic structure is a chalk board, a two-dimensional canvas of values, typically colors. Chalkboard provides the usual image processing functions (masking, overlaying, function mapping, cropping, warping, rotating) as well as a few more unusual ones. Images can be imported into Chalkboard, as first-class color chalk boards. Chalkboard also provides combinators for drawing shapes on directly on boards. The system is based loosely on Pan, but the principal image type, a Board, is abstract.

ChalkBoard is experimental, and everything might change! The primary concepts (functor based transformations of images, OpenGL acceleration) will remain, but we are still trying to balance and tune our observable sub-language. Applicative functors are also sure to follow, and many more experiments are needed.

ChalkBoard is available from the Haskell package server hackage. The ChalkBoard webpage is

Kevin Matlage, Andy Gill
The ChalkBoard Team

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