ICFP 2009 Programming Contest


Here are the list of winners in the 2009 ICFP Programming Contest. The complete list is also posted.

1st Prize shinh
2nd Prize THIRTEEN
Judges Prize when i was 4 years old i was maimed by a giant pig
Lightning Prize jabber.ru

What is this contest?

The ICFP programming contest is an annual programming contest associated with the International Conference on Functional Programming.

Dates and task announcement

The contest was run from Friday 26 to Monday 29 June, 2009.

The contest started at 13:00:16, CDT, GMT-5, and ran for 72 hours. There was also lightning round, which lasted 24 hours.

Questions about the contest should be sent to icfp-contest@ittc.ku.edu.


Who are we?

Megan Peck, Wesley Peck, Mark Snyder, Nicolas Frisby, Michael Jantz, Garrin Kimmell, Ed Komp, Kevin Matlage, Andy Gill, Brett Werling, Tristan Bull

Previous contests

The ICFP Programming Contest has been running since 1998. Here are the previous contest sites: