Kansas City International Airport

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Lawrence is served by Kansas City International Airport (MCI, because it was previously called Mid-Continental International). Without checked baggage, it takes less than an hour to get from stepping off a plane to Lawrence and the University of Kansas.

Getting to Lawrence from the the airport without a car is challenging, but this page has suggestions of what your options are.

* You can rent a car from the airport. There is an airport bus that takes you from the terminals to the rental facilities (5 minute ride).
* You can use the road runner, http://www.kciroadrunner.com/ I've never used this, and I believe that it requires pre-booking. Usefulness is also limited because the Lawrence stop is not on any of the city bus routes.
* You can try the supershuttle http://www.supershuttle.com which cost $99, the costs can be amortized. The zip for downtown Lawrence is 66044.
* We will run KU minivans between MCI and Lawrence every couple of hours or so, depending on demand. We will also be doing the reverse after the conference. If you want picked up, then please add yourself to the "wiki" page on this website. If for some reason this does not work, email the chair.

(In order to facilitate possible car-pooling, and use of the minivans, we encourage all participants to register an account on this website, and add their flight details on the travel wiki page. We will use this to coordinate our options.)