Invited Speaker

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Bryan O’Sullivan, author of Real World Haskell, and co-founder of MailRank, Inc.


Bryan O'Sullivan is an Irish entrepreneur and software developer. His research interests revolve around programming languages and distributed systems. He has written several books on these subjects, including the Jolt award winner "Real World Haskell". As cofounder and CTO of MailRank, he has spent the past year introducing the worlds of Haskell and startup companies to each other.


One of the founding principles of the Haskell language is at risk: avoiding success is becoming difficult. We report on our experiences using Haskell in a variety of practical contexts, where most recently we have focused on creating fast, safe, beautiful code in the environment of an internet startup. We offer a few observations on how we approach writing code in Haskell; what has worked well for us; and where we think challenges remain.