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Installation Guide

KUSP Quick Install

The KUSP Quick Installation guide is meant for those familiar with CMake, Subversion, the KUSP source tree, and general Linux software installation methods. For a more detailed guide to KUSP installation, as well as information on adding new software to the KUSP source tree, refer to the KUSP Installation Guide and KUSP Developer CMake Tutorial.

These instructions assume:

  1. You are in the same directory as this file (INSTALL.txt)

  2. You have set the following environmental variables in your bashrc by adding the lines:

    export KUSPROOT=<path-to-kusp-source>
    export KUSPINSTALL=<path-to-desired-install-directory>
    export KERNELROOT=<path-to-kusp-kernel-source>


  1. Get the Source:

    $ svn co https://subversion.ittc.ku.edu/svn/libertos/kusp/trunk kusp
  2. Create a “build” directory to work in:

    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build
  3. Run cmake <path to source:

    $ make
    $ make install
  4. Now Set the following environmental variables in your bashrc:

    export PATH=$PATH:$KUSPINSTALL/bin
    export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$KUSPINSTALL/include
    export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$KUSPINSTALL/lib/python<your-version-number>/site-packages
  5. Reload your bashrc:

    $ . ~/.bashrc

Alternate Source Install

If you have the KUSPINSTALL and KERNELROOT environmental variables defined. You will still need to complete steps (4) and (5).

You can replace steps (2) and (4) from above with:

$ make -f kusp.mk

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