Kansas City International Airport

Lawrence is served by Kansas City International Airport (MCI, because it was previously called Mid-Continental International). Without checked baggage, it takes less than an hour to get from stepping off a plane to Lawrence and the University of Kansas.

Getting to Lawrence from the the airport without a car is challenging, but this page has suggestions of what your options are.

* You can rent a car from the airport. There is an airport bus that takes you from the terminals to the rental facilities (5 minute ride).
* You can use the road runner, http://www.kciroadrunner.com/ I've never used this, and I believe that it requires pre-booking. Usefulness is also limited because the Lawrence stop is not on any of the city bus routes.
* You can try the supershuttle http://www.supershuttle.com which cost $99, the costs can be amortized. The zip for downtown Lawrence is 66044.