Adaptive Computing Systems @ KU
Project: A Func. Programming Env.
 for Design & Implementation of High Performance Radio & Synthetic Aperture Rada
r Processing Funcitons
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Current Participants


Name E-mail URL
Gary Minden, Principal Investigator
Joseph B. Evans, Principal Investigator
Glenn Prescott, Co-Investigator
Mike Ashely, Co-Investigator
Douglas Niehaus, Co-Investigator


Name E-mail URL
Oscar Waddell NOT Available

Students (Research Assitants)

Name E-mail URL
Mahalingam Karthik, Grad. Research Assistant
Sandeep Mukthavaram, Grad. Research Assistant
Sarin George, Grad. Research Assistant NOT available
Parekh Hemang, Grad. Research Assistant NOT available

Former Participants


Name E-mail URL
Kambhammettu Nalinimohan (Mohan)
Scott Woodward NOT available

Students (Research Assistants)

Name E-mail URL
Majid Mahmood, Undergrad. Research Assistant
Claudio Santos, Undergrad. Research Assistant" NOT available
Tahoma Toelkes, Undergrad. Research Assistant NOT available NOT available

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