Database Configuration File

// UNITEResource.defn -- Specifications for UNITE/Explorer Resources

TABLE "ResourceType_Table" {
  "Courseware"			"Courseware_icon.GIF";  
  "Lesson Plan"			"LessonPlan_icon.GIF";  
  "Lab Activity"		"LabActivity_icon.GIF"; 
  "Instructional Aid"		"InstructAid_icon.GIF"; 
  "Instructional Module"	"InstructMod_icon.GIF"; 
  "Field Trip"			"FieldTrip_icon.GIF";   
  "Student Created Material"	"StuCreatMater_icon.GIF";
  "Parent Material"		"ParentMatrial_icon.GIF";
  "Practical Article"		"PractArticle_icon.GIF";
  "Research Article"		"ResearchArtic_icon.GIF";
  "Textbook"			"Textbook_icon.GIF"; } 

TABLE "PhysicalMedia_Table" {
  "Audio CD"                   "AudioCD_icon.GIF";
  "CD-Interactive"             "CDInteract_icon.GIF";
  "CD-ROM"                     "CDROM_icon.GIF";
  "Downloadable File"          "Downloadable_icon.GIF";
  "Filmstrip"                  "FilmStrip_icon.GIF";
  "Floppy Disk 3.5"            "Floppy_icon.GIF";
  "Overhead Transparencies"    "OverheadTransp_icon.GIF";
  "Paper Based Media"          "Paper_Based_icon.GIF";
  "VHS Video Tape"             "VideoTape_icon.GIF";
  "TABLE_DEFAULT"  		"Default_icon.GIF"; } 

TABLE "FileFormat_Table" {
  "application/pdf"            "AcrobatDoc_icon.GIF";
  "document/x-clarisworks"     "ClarisWorksDoc_icon.GIF";
  "document/x-explorer"        "ExplorerDoc_icon.GIF";
  "document/x-opendoc"         "OpenDoc_icon.GIF";
  "document/x-postscript"      "Postscript_icon.GIF";
  "document/x-replica"         "ReplicaDoc_icon.GIF";
  "document/x-quicktime"       "QuickTimeDoc_icon.GIF";
  "image/gif"                  "GifImage_icon.GIF";
  "image/jpg"                  "JpgImage_icon.GIF";
  "text/html"                  "HTMLtext_icon.GIF";
  "text/plain"                 "TeachTextDoc_icon.GIF"; } 

TABLE "FileFormat_Header_Table" {
  "application/pdf"            "Acrobat";
  "document/x-clarisworks"     "ClarisWorks";
  "document/x-explorer"        "Explorer";
  "document/x-opendoc"         "OpenDoc";
  "document/x-postscript"      "Postscript";
  "document/x-replica"         "Replica";
  "document/x-quicktime"       "QuickTime";
  "image/gif"                  "Gif Image";
  "image/jpg"                  "JPEG Image";
  "text/html"                  "Text HTML";
  "text/plain"                 "Text Plain"; } 

TABLE "Fields_Table" {
  "IDNumber"             "ID Number";
  "Title"                "Title";
  "ResourceType"         "Resource Type";
  "Grades"               "Grades";
  "Description"          "Description";
  "Curriculum"           "Curriculum";
  "ProcessSkills"        "Process Skills";
  "Reviewers"            "Reviewers";
  "Author"               "Author";
  "Series"               "Series";
  "Publisher"            "Publisher";
  "PhysicalMedia"        "Physical Media";
  "FileSizeInKBytes"     "File Size in KBytes";
  "FileFormat"           "File Format";
  "FileName"             "File Name";
  "FileDescription"      "File Description"; } 

  "Pre-K"  "K" 
  "1"  "2"  "3"  "4"   "5"   "6" 
  "7"  "8"  "9"  "10"  "11"  "12" 
  "Undergraduate"  "Graduate"  "Adult" }

  "application" {	
                "pdf" } 
  "document" {
                "x-clarisworks" "x-explorer" "x-postscript" "x-replica"
                "x-quicktime" "x-opendoc" }
  "image" {
                "gif" "jpeg" }
  "text" {
                "html" "plain" } } 

ENUMERATION "FileEncodingT" {

  "KU_FileSet" }

ENUMERATION "PhysicalMediaT" {
  "Audio CD"
  "Downloadable File"
  "Floppy Disk 3.5"
  "Overhead Transparencies"
  "Paper Based Media"
  "VHS Video Tape" } 

ENUMERATION "ResourceTypeT" {
  "Field Trip"
  "Instructional Aid"
  "Instructional Module"
  "Lab Activity"
  "Lesson Plan"
  "Parent Material"
  "Practical Article"
  "Research Article"
  "Student Created Material"
  "Textbook" }

  "Hawaii"  "Idaho"  "Illinois"  "Iowa"  "Kansas"  "Kentucky"  
  "Washington"  "West Virginia"  "Wyoming"  "Alberta"  
  "British Columbia"  "Manitoba" "Newfoundland" }

ENUMERATION "CurriculumT" {
  "Mathematics" {
    "General Mathematics"
    "Problem Solving and Reasoning" {
      "General Problem Solving and Reasoning"
      "Logical Reasoning"
      "Generalize" }
    "Mathematical Tools" {
      "General Mathematical Tools"
      "Calculators" {
        "General Calculators"
        "Computation" }
      "Mathematical Instruments" }
    "Whole Numbers and Numeration" } 

  "Natural Science" {
    "General Natural Science"
    "Life Science" {
      "General Life Science"
      "Cells" {
        "General Cells"
        "Cell Growth"
        "Cell Reproduction" }
      "Living Things" }
    "Physical Science"
    "Earth Science"
    "Common Themes" } }

ENUMERATION "ProcessSkillsT" {
  "Mathematics Process" {
    "Calculators and Computers"
    "Mental Arithmetic"
    "Problem Solving"
    "Reasoning" }

  "Natural Science Process" {
    "Gather Data"
    "Analysis Synthesis Evaluation"
    "Communicate Ideas"
    "Values and Attitudes" } }

RECORD "FileDescriptionT" {
  "integer"        "One"        "NotSearchable"  "FileSizeInKBytes";
  "FileFormatT"    "One"        "NotSearchable"  "FileFormat";
  "string"         "One"        "KeywordValue"   "FileName"; 
  "FileEncodingT"  "One"        "NotSearchable"  "FileEncoding";
  "FileSetT"       "OneOrMore"  "NotSearchable"  "FileSet"; } 

RECORD "FileDescriptionsT" {
  "FileDescriptionT" "OneOrMore" "NotSearchable" "FileDescription"; } 

DATABASE_OBJECT UNITEResource 1994092001 {
  "string"           "One"          "KeywordValue"     "Title";
  "uid"              "One"          "NotSearchable"    "IDNumber";
  "FileDescriptionsT""ZeroOrOne"    "NotSearchable"    "FileDescriptions";
  "ResourceTypeT"    "One"	    "KeywordValue"     "ResourceType";
  "PhysicalMediaT"   "One"          "KeywordValue"     "PhysicalMedia";
  "GradeT"           "OneOrMore"    "KeywordValue"     "Grades";
  "string"           "ZeroOrOne"    "KeywordValue"     "Series";
  "FreeText"         "One"          "KeywordValue"     "Availability";
  "FreeText"	     "One"	    "KeywordValue"     "Description";
  "CurriculumT"	     "OneOrMore"    "KeywordValue"     "Curriculum";
  "ProcessSkillsT"   "OneOrMore"    "KeywordValue"     "ProcessSkills";
  "string"	     "OneOrMore"    "KeywordValue"     "Author";
  "string"	     "ZeroOrOne"    "KeywordValue"     "Publisher";
  "string"           "OneOrMore"    "NotSearchable"    "Reviewers"; }