Disussion Forum added to help everyone with their visualization work

Also check out the new Lawrence, KS wireless network Distribution Study

Project Summary

While computer networks and geography may not appear to have much in common, a collaborative effort was launched between the University of Kansas' Information & Telecommunications Technology Center and Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program to create a more advanced wireless 802.11b mapping and network visualization method. This new procedure uses wireless network data collected from walking and/or driving scans, aerial photography, and interpolation techniques to create highly detailed network coverage and signal strength maps.

This example image represents the signal emitted from a single wireless access point located in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. The signal strength degrades from the stronger values in blue to weaker values in orange.


For more network pictures check our Network Imagery page or to learn how this map was created, view our Procedure.

May 25, 2002 Updates - Discussion Forum and New Study

Since this work went online back in January, we have received questions from many of you concerning various aspects of the wireless illustrations presented here. Without question, we would like all of you to take this work and run with it however you see fit. To meet this need, we have added a Discussion Forum to this site. We will continue addressing your questions in this public forum and hopefully those of you who have been creating your own visualizations can provide your experiences as well.

Over the past few months we have also been looking more intently at the distribution of wireless networks in Lawrence, Kansas. The results of this new project, shown in the Distribution Study, demonstrate how a GIS can be used to correlate wireless network distribution with US Census data.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have aided the development of this project or supported the effort.

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