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Wireless Related Links
Netstumbler Home of the infamous Netstumbler software, featuring a very active site pertaining to everything wireless. Includes news updates, discussion groups, Netstumbler scanning database and links.
Wireless Network Security Reference A wonderful reference featuring a chronological listing of security articles related to 802.11b.
Introductory Security / Deployment Article 1 & Article 2 A set of articles from ExtremeTech Online which provides a basic foundation of wireless networking topics including general functionality, deployment and security.
Default SSID's Listing of the default SSID's for several common 802.11 access point and PCMCIA card products.
IPSec Information on replacing WEP with IPSec.
SSH Tunneling Using SSH Tunneling with 802.11b.
802.11 Planet A great reference to keep you up to date with industry news, product offerings and security.
3Com 802.11a FAQ

A 3Com FAQ on 802.11a vs. 802.11b (pdf).

Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance WiFi certification organization with many great white papers and standards related information.
IEEE 802.11 Working Group The folks who write the operating rules for 802.11. It's good to know what standards you're working with.
Visualization Story Wireless Network Visualization Project hits the local news

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