Information & Telecommunication Technology Center
Nichols Hall - West Campus
2291 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-2969

Directions from Kansas City Area to ITTC
Information and Telecommunication Technology Center

(in Nichols Hall, KU's West Campus)
2291 Irving Hill Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045-2969

A. From I-70 (Kansas Turnpike)

Go west from Kansas City on I-70 and get off at the West Lawrence Turnpike exit (exit #202).

Go south from Turnpike exit: you're on McDonald Drive, which leads you under an overpass and up an incline to merge left onto Iowa Street/Highway 59.

Continue south on Iowa (past traffic light intersections at 9th, Harvard, and 15th Streets); turn right at the traffic light intersection at 19th Street.

B. From Kansas Highway 10

Go west from Kansas City on Highway K-10. (K-10 intersects Highway 435 at the southwest corner of 435's loop. From 435, watch closely for the Lawrence turn-off to your right onto K-10.)

As you enter Lawrence, K-10 becomes Lawrence's 23rd Street. Stay on 23rd until you reach the major (traffic light) intersection with Iowa Street (Highwy 59). Be in the right-turn lane as you approach the intersection; turn right (north) onto Iowa.

Turn left at the traffic light intersection at 19th Street.

After either A. or B. above:

Now you're on KU's West Campus. When you come to Constant Avenue, turn right. The road will then curve to the left & go up a small hill. The brown building, to your left, that looks like a fort (with protected windows) is Nichols Hall. At the top of the hill, on left side of road, there is a circular drive with meters for "visitors' parking." Or you can continue past the drive and turn left into the Nichols Hall parking lot; there are a few meters for "visitors' parking" along the middle island.*

ITTC occupies offices on all three floors, with main offices on the 2nd floor. Acting Director Victor Frost's office is Room 210. Executive Director Tim Johnson's office is Room 205. Assistant Director for Technology Transfer, Cathy Ambler's office is Room 236. Secretarial office is Room 207-208. (There is a receptionist off the lobby on the first floor who can help direct you.)

* Feel free to ask us for a morning, afternoon, or all-day parking permit.

Revised 13 August 1998 by Joseph B. Evans