Project 1 due dates

Project 1 will be due in your lab section starting Tuesday, February 10.  You must submit your lab report and demo your synthesis results in the laboratory section you are enrolled in unless you have permission from me not to.

I should be getting lab codes sometime next week, but the simulation tools are available on machines in the computing commons.  Thus, you can get your simulations running well before your lab section meets.

Room Change

As many of you are learning via the timetable or email, our class has been moved permanently to 1131 Learned.  The classroom we were in was too small to accommodate everyone who needed to enroll.  Thus, the folks in the EECS office jumped through a bunch of hoops to get the room officially changed.

Laboratory 1

The schedule for performing Project 1 is now on the Project 1 page. Basically, you'll go over it in lab starting January 27 and demonstrate it the following week. (Note that the Monday lab is a week behind, thus the Tuesday start date.)

Homework 1 due date

The due date for homework 1 is Tuesday, January 27 at the beginning of class. Sorry if there was some confusion about that.

Homework 1 file replaced

I've uploaded a PDF file for Homework 1 instead of the accidental LaTeX file.  You should be able to download and look at it now.

Laboratory 0

You'll find materials for your first laboratory on the projects page.  This is the only lab that requires no work outside lab hours.  You will run through the synthesis tool flow for a pre-defined example just to get familiar with the lab.