Updated final exam topics

I've updated the list of final exam topics on the web page. Basically, what I've covered in class is fair game for the exam. I've listed some chapters from our text for your reference, however topics in those chapters that I did not cover will not be covered on the exam. For example, Chapter 5 discusses caching and virtual memory, but there will be no virtual memory questions on the exam.

New models posted

I've just posted a new set of models for the KURM on the Resources Page. The sign extend components are included and some modifications have been made to the controller and datapath.

Memory issues

Some of you have reported problems with the 2 port memory crashing. The TAs have reported to me that you must initialize inputs to the model when your simulation starts. Specifically, the addresses and read/write strobes. Setting them to 0 is the simplest thing to do.

Controller and datapath update

I just pushed up a replacement for the data path posted earlier today. The new zip file contains both a data path and a controller. As a reminder, I would prefer that you use your designs for Project 5 if you were successful, or nearly successful with Project 4. Please watch the blog for further updates.