Midwest Programming Languages Day

When and Where
Date:May 8th, 2009
Time:Mid-morning to late afternoon
Location:Lawrence, KS
The University of Kansas
Nichols Hall
2335 Irving Hill Rd
Lawrence, KS 66045
Links:Google Maps Link
ITTC Lawrence Map

The Midwest Programming Languages Day is an informal forum for presenting and discussing research in the areas of programming languages, formal methods, and language-based software engineering. The intention is to foster cross-institution interaction between faculty and students in the various language-based research groups located in the midwest. Please RSVP if you intend to attend. Students and faculty from KU, K-State, MU, the University of Iowa and the University of Arkansas have already committed to attending, so it looks like it will be an exciting day.

The talks will be presented in the Apollo room of the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC), starting late morning to give people time to travel to Lawrence. The talks in the afternoon will be both short and informal, either being half-baked research ideas or students presenting recent results, with plenty of time for discussion.

11-12Edwin Westbrook, CNIC: A Theory for Verifying Domain-Specific Languages
1-315-20 minute informal presentations
3:30-515-20 minute informal presentations

Lunch will be provided by ITTC, from Panera Bread of Kansas; please email your order by Wednesday night.

Here is an initial list of talks; expect more to be added.

FSMLanguage: A Domain-Specific Language for HW/SW Co-DesignJason Argon
Static analysis of first-class, higher-order modules in RosettaNicolas Frisby
Type Safe, Type Directed Observable SharingAndy Gill
Oread: Compiling Monads to HardwareGarrin Kimmell
A logic for modeling uncertainty in intrusion analysisXinming (Simon) Ou
Cheap Threads: Model-driven Engineering from Modular Monadic SemanticsAdam Proctor
Defunctionalizing Cheap Threads: Synthesizing Hardware from Modular Monadic SemanticsBen Schulz
Type-Indexed MonadsMark Snyder
Interactive input/output in operational semanticsAlley Stoughton
Purifying Natural Deduction Using Sequent CalculusAaron Stump

If you want to give a short talk, then please email Andy Gill.

Andy Gill, andygill@ku.edu, Local Organizer
The University of Kansas, EECS Department
Information and Telecommunication Technology Center