Overlay Networks:
  • A lot of overlays are based on Distributed Hash Tables which are based on the concept of consistent hashing which was developed by David Karger et al. and initially used in the context of web caching. This idea was developed into the technology behind Akamai's content distribution network.

  • Chord was one fo the first structured P2P overlays and is still one of the most highly used ones such as by i3. Pastry is one of the other early P2P overlays, and is used by a number of services including OpenDHT.

  • PlanetLab is an overlay testbed for an next gen service development and testing. It's objectives for overcoming an impasse in future technology deployment are described in a HotNets paper, and it's latest architecture can be found at this design note.

  • Lua, Crowcroft, Pias, Sharma, and Lim in IEEE Communications March 2004 provide A survey and Comparison of Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network Schemes

  • SkipNet, an overlay network that maintains content locality and path locality while achieving many of the benefits of a distributed hash table overlay, from Microsoft Research.

  • A unique overlay based mobility architecture called ROAM is based on the Internet Indirection Infrastructure.

  • A workshop report on using P2P overlays for routing in MANET's.

  • A paper on utilizing underlay awareness when creating overlay topologies and routing algorithms.

Underlay Networks:
Network Topology Discovery:
Network Service Discovery: