Ascend Intelligence

Ascend Intelligence, LLC developed the Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR) for DARPA and the US Army.

TIGR provides a unique multimedia patrol preparation and debriefing tool tailored to the needs of the patrol leader. The TIGR system was designed to provide a fast, easy to use search for these tactical users. Enabled by an adaptive data distribution architecture, the system performs searches locally to insure rapid response. The distribution of data from and to the geographically dispersed patrols requires network awareness and policy flexibility. The TIGR system utilizes an application overlay on to the tactical network that is tailored to the distribution of rich media. This architecture results in the theater-wide replication of compressed reports and meta-data, while the storage of full-quality media is distributed to the node closest to where the media was created. Thumbnail and other compressed media representations are replicated according to policy to meet soldier needs. Full-quality media can be accessed on demand from any location in the network. Network utilization is controlled by a policy-based content subscription system, a priority queuing mechanism, and the discrete scheduling of network traffic. Through this architecture, TIGR supports a wide range of users and manages data in a challenging communications and networking environment.

The TIGR system was widely deployed in the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres of operation, where it was used by all U.S. Army brigades and other units. It has also been used worldwide at numerous training sites and intelligence organizations.

Ascend Intelligence was acquired by General Dynamics in 2010.


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