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NetGames USA was founded in 1998 in Overland Park, Kansas to commercialize network gaming technology. NetGames USA's technology featured a scalable, fault tolerant system that provided real time score tracking, statistics collection and presentation, and ranking for game players. This comprehensive system included authentication, tamper proof logging, and Denial of Service protection. The online service grew to support over one million game players and generated two and a half million page views per month. NetGames USA's game statistics and rankings debuted in 1999 bundled with the smash hit Unreal Tournament.

PCAccelerator bigger, better, faster games "If this [NetGames USA] technology is implemented by enough forthcoming games, it could be the most important catalyst yet to establishing computer gaming as a bona fide spectator event."

- PC Accelerator, October 1999


Blue's News

"What impressed me the most about the [Unreal Tournament] demo, however, was NetGames USA's ngWorldStats. This is simply amazing stuff..."

- Blue's News, September 1999

NetGames USA's tournament software was used to run professional computer gaming tournaments for the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), running multiple tournaments for them in 1999 and 2000, as well as id Software's official QuakeCon tournaments in 1999-2003.

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"The [CPL's Frag3] tournament itself ran without a single problem, network or otherwise, and once again NetGames [USA] proved it knew its business."

- CNET, November 1999

In 2000 NetGames USA was acquired by Microsoft. The NetGames USA technology has been incorporated into titles such as MechWarrior 4, HALO 2 where it supported 500,000 unique users in 1,000,000 online matches per day, and the X-Box Live system where it was used by over 23 million members as of 2010. Details can be found in the Microsoft press release and in this Forbes article.

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