HTML is a very basic and must know skill in today's world of high networking. HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language is the main language of creating the web-pages. It consists of tags which are interpreted by the browser as commands to interpret the contents of the web-page. The tags themselves are not interpreted by the browser.

CSS or Cascading Styling Sheets work hand in hand with the HTML pages. CSS pages are used to style the HTML pages. CSS pages can be described as the templates for the webpages. They have made designing webpages more easier and manageable.

Lab Exercises

In this lab, the students are expected to develop their own personal webpages. The criteria for the webpages are given in the slides. This is a two week lab. I will tell you the addition you need to make to your webpage by next week. After that you all will have one week time to prepare a lab report for this two week lab.

Grading Criteria

This lab has 15 lab points. To receive the credits, you should be in the lab, conduct tasks following the instruction of the TA and demonstrate your results to the TA.