Last week we explored a little bit into the skills required to develop the webpage. We went over html and css in brief and noticed that both the tools work hand in hand for styling and formating the contents on a webpage. Sometimes, just formatting is not enough and some fast and interactive features are also required to be a part of the webpage. Thus, there is a need of some kind of programming language which is both lightweight and fast.

Javascript is one such scripting language. Most of the interactive features in today's webpages are implemented using javascript. It is an extremely light weight and powerful language supported by most browsers in today's world. The javascript part in a webpage is executed on the client's side making the execution even faster.

Lab Exercises

In this lab, the students are expected to extend their own webpage that they developed last time. They are suppose to add an image gallery and a dynamic clock to their webpage. The criteria for the assignment is given in the slides. We have extended this lab from being a two week to a three week lab. Thus, there will be a further extension to the same project next week as well. Then, the reports will be due in the week of October 30.

Grading Criteria

This lab has 15 lab points. To receive the credits, you should be in the lab, conduct tasks following the instruction of the TA and demonstrate your results to the TA.