One essential part of web development is the ability to communicate with the server. PHP is a light weight scripting language which enables us to program a dynamic webpage and communicate with the server. Another important feature of PHP is that it enables a communication between the webpage and the database on the server allowing user to send query to the database.

Lab Exercises

In this lab, the students are expected to extend their own webpage that they developed last time. They will develop a page where the site visitor can provide the students with their contact information. The site visitor should also be able to leave a message for the student. The information should be recorded in the student's database. The reports should combine the three lab sessions on web development and will be due in the week of October 30.

Grading Criteria

This lab has 15 lab points. To receive the credits, you should be in the lab, conduct tasks following the instruction of the TA and demonstrate your results to the TA.