Writing a program requires more skills than just getting the required job done. One of course has to get the required job done. But that is the very basic requirement. On top of that, a software engineer needs to take care that the job is done in the most efficient way. The program needs to be as user friendly as possible. One of the tools used to design a user friendly program is Graphics User Interface (GUI). You will often need to provide a highly user friendly GUI with your software. Often the success of a software is also governed by the ease of use of its GUI too.

This lab aims at refreshing some of your programming skills in java. In this lab you will be building a GUI based application. You can use the eclipse IDE for the programming purposes. You will be using the swing package provided by java to build the GUI components of your application.

Lab Exercises

In this lab, you will be required to build a small calculator. The calculator should take two numbers in the two textfield as input by the user. The user should also select the desired option from a drop-down menu and provide the result in a third textfield. Your TA will first give you a brief introduction on the use of swing package. Then, you would be given time to build your application.

Grading Criteria

This lab has 10 lab points. To receive the credits, you should be in the lab, conduct tasks following the instruction of the TA and demonstrate your results to the TA.