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EECS 700: Advanced Topics in Information Security
Fall 2011

  • Important Dates:
    • Check Course Calendar for the schedule of research paper presentations and area presentations.
    • Critical Reviews should be emailed to me before the class of the corresponding research paper presentation.
    • Reports for the Area Survey will due twice: (1) a half-done version will due on Oct 21 and (2) the final version will due on Nov 18.
    • Peer Reviews for the Area Survey will due on Dec 7.

  • Area Surveys: (Here is a Sample Survey published in ACM Computing Surveys January 2011)
    • The survey should be complete, including: Title, Authors, Abstract, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, and References.
    • Format requirements:
      • 20 pages excluding references.
      • Survey about 40-50 research papers, and cite them properly.
      • Report should be single-column, single space, font 11. Here is a MS WORD template for you to use.

  • Critical Reviews:
    • Write a 1-page review for each assigned research paper (font 11, single column).
    • The review should include (1) what the paper is talking about (e.g. the problems, motivation, ...); (2) what are the proposed solution(s) and the thinking/ideas behind the solution; (3) what are the strength and limitations; and (4) what is the position of the paper in the area (related work).
    • Think about the limitations and how to address them in future work. More specifically, wrap your thinking into 1 or 2 problems, and discuss the correctness and feasibility in the class. You may also use this chance to ask questions you may have about the proposed work. Please write down the problems/questions in the end of the review.

  • Research Paper Presentation:
    • Prepare your own slides
    • Each presentation will be about 35 to 40 minutes, and followed with a short discussion (10 to 15 minutes)

  • Please check Course Calendar for lecture slides, assigned readings, and presentation schedule!

  • Please form the team and select topics for area survey and presentation:
    • Names and contacts of the students who are enrolled in this course can be found in Team Info.
    • Topic selection is on a first-come fist-serve base. Once an area is selected by another team, you cannot select. Please check Team Info for an updates of topics that have already been selected by other teams.

Course Description
This is an advanced course for graduate students interested in security and privacy research. It covers both the theoretical foundations and the emerging research topics in information security. The topics include but are not limited to cryptographic foundations, secure computing, authentication and access control, e-commerce security, secure cloud computing, Web security and privacy, anonymous communications, malware, botnet and advanced network security, etc.

The course will involve weekly research papers readings, and a semester-long project.
To familiarize the students with the state-of-the-art and the open problems in information security
To help the students to obtain a comprehensive view of information security and develop a big picture perspective.
Time and Location:
Class: MWF 12:00 - 12:50 PM
Location: LEA 2148
Office hours: M 2:00 PM - 3: 00 PM or by appointment
Instructor: Dr. Fengjun Li, email: fli <at> ku <dot> edu, office: 2032 Eaton Hall or 239 Nichols Hall
Topics to cover:
    • Basic security concepts
    • Security research methods
    • Cryptography primitives

    Class discussions: (see Course Calendar)
    • Network security (anonymous networks, traffic analysis, intrusion detection, Web security, botnet/malware etc.)
    • Database security (authentication, access control, secure data sharing, etc.)
    • System security (cloud computing security, smartphone security, etc.)
    • Trust and privacy (trust management, social networks privacy, etc.)
Course Materials:
There is no required textbook for this class. In most of the class, we will read and discuss papers and articles published in major security conferences and journals.
Tasks and grading:
    The grade will be based on the following tasks and the final percentage are subject to change.
    • Research paper presentation (30%): each student will be assigned 2 research papers, read in details and present to class. Research papers belong to areas different from your survey area.
    • Critical review (16%): each student will be assigned 4 research papers, read in details, write critical reviews, and participate in discussion after the paper presentation.
    • Area paper survey and presentation (34%): Two students will work as a group to survey 1 selected area, present the findings to class, and write a literature review.
    • Peer review (10%): each student will be assigned 1 area paper (written by your peers) to read in details and write professional review.
    • Class participation (10 %): to be in class and join class discussions

    • A: 85+ or top 30%
    • B: 70+ or top 60%
    • C: 60+ or top 90%
    • D/F: 0-59