Project Report Format

The purpose of the projects is to illustrate concepts from communications networking. Your reports should document the rationale for the project, how the project was executed, the results, and most importantly your interpretation of the results. The reports should show that you have an understanding of the concepts under investigation.

Follow the outline given below for the reports:

1. Statement of objectives.

2. Discussion of the strategy for achieving the objectives, that is, present the processes used to obtain the results.

3. Presentation and interpretation of the results.

4. Conclusions

5. References

The length of each of these sections will vary. Be concise and neat, the goal is to communicate the results of your efforts. Think about the reader as you are constructing your reports. Do not pad the reports with plots and figures not discussed in the main text.

Format for figures and tables.

1) Each figure/table should be placed as close to the first reference to it in the text as possible. Placing the figure/table on a separate page following the first reference to it in the text is permissible.

2) Each figure/table must have a title.

3) All axis on graphs must be labeled.

4) Each figure/table should be self contained, that is, the title, axis labels, and other information in the figure/table should provide the reader enough information to interpret the item.

5) Each figure/table must be discussed in the text.