Quash Shell  0.1
A simple yet powerfull shell program
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 |o*memory_pool.hAn abstraction of malloc that allows for all allocations in the pool to be free'd with a single call to destroy_memory_pool(). Allocations to the memory pool should NOT be manually free'd with a call to free()
 |\*parsing_interface.hDefines an interface between c and the parser. This file is also responsible for defining many of the structures used by the parser
 o*command.cImplements functions used to generate and manage commands
 o*command.hCommand structures and functions for defining and managing commands
 o*debug.hThis file holds useful macros for debugging purposes
 o*deque.hDouble ended queue generators specialized to any given type
 o*execute.cImplements interface functions between Quash and the environment and functions that interpret an execute commands
 o*execute.hFunctions for interpreting and running commands