Quash Shell  0.1
A simple yet powerfull shell program
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCCDCommandCommand to change directories
oCCommandMake all command types the same size and interchangeable
oCCommandHolderContains information about the properties of the command
oCExampleA data structure generated by IMPLEMENT_DEQUE_STRUCT() to store the state of a deque
oCExportCommandCommand to set environment variables
oCGenericCommandCommands that take any number of arguments and are not built into Quash
oCKillCommandCommand to kill a process based on it's job id
oCMemoryPoolHolds a block of memory that can be used for allocations
oCQuashStateHolds information about the state and environment Quash is running in
oCRedirectIntermediate parsing structure used to determine the final configuration of the redirects in a command
\CSimpleCommandA command which has no arguments