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Command Union Reference

Make all command types the same size and interchangeable. More...

#include <command.h>

Public Attributes

SimpleCommand simple
GenericCommand generic
EchoCommand echo
ExportCommand export
CDCommand cd
KillCommand kill
PWDCommand pwd
JobsCommand jobs
ExitCommand exit
EOCCommand eoc

Detailed Description

Make all command types the same size and interchangeable.

This is useful for arrays or making a common entry point for all command types. The exact type information can be recovered later with the get_command_type() function.

See Also
get_command_type, SimpleCommand, GenericCommand, EchoCommand, ExportCommand, CDCommand, KillCommand, PWDCommand, JobsCommand, ExitCommand, EOCCommand

Member Data Documentation

CDCommand Command::cd

Read structure as a CDCommand

EchoCommand Command::echo

Read structure as a ExportCommand

EOCCommand Command::eoc

Read structure as a EOCCommand

ExitCommand Command::exit

Read structure as a ExitCommand

ExportCommand Command::export

Read structure as a ExportCommand

GenericCommand Command::generic

Read structure as a GenericCommand

JobsCommand Command::jobs

Read structure as a JobsCommand

KillCommand Command::kill

Read structure as a KillCommand

PWDCommand Command::pwd

Read structure as a PWDCommand

SimpleCommand Command::simple

Read structure as a SimpleCommand

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