Accepted Papers
  1. Lung Transplant Outcome Prediction using UNOS Data
    by Ankit Agrawal, Reda Al-Bahrani, Mark Russo, Jaishankar Raman, Alok Choudhary
  2. Colon cancer survival prediction using ensemble data mining on SEER data
    by Reda Al-Bahrani, Ankit Agrawal, Alok Choudhary
  3. A Look at Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
    by Ruchie Bhardwaj, Adhiraaj Sethi, Rajesh Vargheese, Raghunath Nambiar
  4. Multidimensional Analysis of Fetal Growth Curves
    by Mario Bochicchio, Lucia Vaira, Antonella Longo, Antonio Malvasi, Andrea Tinelli
  5. OWL Reasoning over Big Biomedical Data
    by Xi Chen, Huajun Chen, Ningyu Zhang, Jiaoyan Chen, Zhaohui Wu
  6. KUChemBio: A database of computational chemical biology data sets hosted at the University of Kansas
    by Aaron Smalter Hall, Jun Huan
  7. Parallel and Memory-efficient Burrows-Wheeler Transform
    by Shinya Hayashi, Kenjiro Taura
  8. Content-based Assessment of the Credibility of Online Healthcare Information
    by Meeyoung Park, Hariprasad Sampathkumar, Bo Luo, Xue-wen Chen
  9. BIG DATA Infrastructures for Pharmaceutical Research
    by Christian Seebode, Matthias Ort, Martin Peuker, Christian Regenbrecht
  10. Big Data Solutions for Predicting Risk-of-Readmission for Congestive Heart Failure Patients.
    by Kiyana Zolfaghar, Naren Meadem, Ankur Teredesai, Senjuti Basu Roy, Si-Chi Chin, Brian Muckian