James P.G. Sterbenz Classes and Tutorials

Only the most recent versions of class notes are available online. Information and archives of individual course offerings are linked under each major course page.

Forthcoming, Current, and Recent Courses

Introduction to Communication Networks (NET)

Offered anually in the fall for undergraduate students. Graduate students should take EECS 780

Communication Networks (NET)

Offered anually in the fall.

High-Performance Networking (HSN)

Offered in the spring of odd-numbered years.

Mobile Wireless Networking (MWN)

Offered in the spring of even-numbered years.

Resilient and Survivable Networking (RSN)

Offered on demand in conjunction wiht the ResiliNets Research Goup weekly meeting.

Science of Communication Networks (SCN)

May be offered in the fall of odd-numbered years.

Fault-Tolerant and Dependable Systems (FDN)

Network and Internet History (INH)

Introduction to Digital Logic Design

Advanced Networking and the Internet: Switching and Routing

Active and Programmable Networks

Common Information for Students

The following information is applicable to all university courses I teach:

Old Courses and Tutorials

Fast Packet Switching and ATM Networks

Operating Systems and Systems Programming

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