High-Performance Networking

Prof. James P.G. Sterbenz <jpgs@eecs.ku.edu>
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
The University of Kansas

Course Description

EECS 800
3 credit hours

Comprehensive coverage of the discipline of high-bandwidth low-latency networks and communication, including high bandwidth-×-delay products, with and emphasis on principles, architecture, protocols, and system design. Topics include high-performance network architecture, control, and signalling; high-speed wired, optical, and wireless links; fast packet, IP, and optical switching; IP lookup, classification, and scheduling; network processors, end system design and protocol optimization, network interfaces; storage networks; end-to-end protocols, mechanisms, and optimizations; and high-bandwidth low-latency applications. Principles will be illustrated with many leading-edge and emerging protocols and architectures.


EECS 780, 563, or 663.

Fall 2006 Offering Details

Refer to the main EECS 881 page for generic course information including textbooks and exam topics. This page contains schedule, laboratory, homework, and exam information specific to the Fall 2006 offering.

Time and Location

Spring 2007
Lecture: 18:10–21:00 Wed.
Laboratory: 19:10–21:00 Tue.
Regnier 368, Edwards Campus

Instructor Office hours

Wed. 16:00–18:00 in 125U Regents Center
+1 913 897 8538
or by appointment
+1 785 864 7890
+1 785 864 8846

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Soshant Bali

Schedule of Lectures and Readings

EECS 881 Fall 2006 Schedule
Date Lecture Reading
Subject Key Protocols Required Optional
23 Aug. Administrivia and Ethics
HSN-AE [print] [display]
30 Aug. Preliminaries and Principles
HSN-PP [print] [display]

6 Sep. Overall Architecture and Topology
HSN-AT [print] [display]
6 Sep. Control and Signalling
HSN-CS [print] [display]
13 Sep. Links S:5.1
20 Sep. Exam 1
27 Sep. introduction to ONL
4 Oct. Switch Architecture and Fabrics
HSN-SR [print] [display]
11 Oct. Lookup, Classification, and Scheduling S:5.5–5.7
18 Oct. Network Processors
HSN-NP [print] [display]  
25 Oct. End Systems and Network Interfaces S:6

1 Nov. Exam 2
8 Nov.
15 Nov.
End-to-End Transport
HSN-TL [print] [display]
15 Nov.
6 Dec.
Networked Applications S:8
22 Nov. Thanksgiving break
29 Nov. Edwards Campus closed due to inclement weather
5 Dec. project discussion and laboratory
6 Dec. Storage Networks [J2003]
6 Dec. Monitoring, Measurement, and Management V:16
6 Dec. Encryption and Security V:17
6 Dec. Future Outlook S:9
11 Dec. Project Presentations
Final Exam review session
13 Dec. Exam 3
Final Exam
15 Dec. Projects Reports Due
22 Dec. final grades available

Reading assignments: S = Sterbenz & Touch, V = Varghese,

Exam Results

EECS 881 Fall 2006 Exam Results
Exam Minimum Mean Median Maximum
1 38 73.8 78.5 94
2 75 85.0 85.0 97
3 50 74.2 80.5 91
comprehensive 48 81.8 89.0 90



High-Performance Networking
James P.G. Sterbenz

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