High-Performance Networking

Prof. James P.G. Sterbenz <jpgs@eecs.ku.edu>
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
The University of Kansas

News and Announcements

There will be no class on Thu. 13 Sep.; this time slot has been rescheduled to Thu. 20 Sep.

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Course Description

EECS 881
3 credit hours

Comprehensive coverage of the discipline of high-bandwidth low-latency networks and communication, including high bandwidth-×-delay products, with and emphasis on principles, architecture, protocols, and system design. Topics include high-performance network architecture, control, and signalling; high-speed wired, optical, and wireless links; fast packet, IP, and optical switching; IP lookup, classification, and scheduling; network processors, end system design and protocol optimization, network interfaces; storage networks; end-to-end protocols, mechanisms, and optimizations; and high-bandwidth low-latency applications. Principles will be illustrated with many leading-edge and emerging protocols and architectures.


EECS 780 or 563.

Fall 2012 Offering Details

This page contains schedule, laboratory, homework, and exam information specific to the Fall 2012 offering. Refer to the main EECS 881 page for generic course information including textbooks and exam topics.

Time and Location

Fall 2012
LectureLaboratory and Discussion
3150 Learned251 Regnier3150 Learned251 Regnier
 EECS 881-1000  EECS 881-1300  EECS 881-1200  EECS 881-1500 
LEC 25721LEC 29835LBN 29881LBN 29529

The lecture will be offered in Lawrence with a remote videolink to the Edwards Campus.

Instructor Office hours

Mon. 15:00–17:00 in 154 Nichols (except 01 Oct.)
+1 785 864 7890
or by appointment


All email correspondence to the instructor must contain a subject line beginning Subject: EECS881 - followed by a meaningful indicator of the content. The former is so that automatic email filters are likely to do the right thing; the latter is so that we know what the email regards when looking at the folder view in an email client. Email not following this guideline is likely to get misfiltered and be unread.

Schedule of Lectures and Readings

Tentative schedule of lectures, readings, assignments, and exams. Dates in the future subject to change. This table is still under construction for the Fall 2012 semester.

EECS 881 Fall 2012 Schedule
Date Lecture Reading Project
Term Paper
Subject  Key Protocols and Algorithms  Required Optional Presentations EECS 780 Background Assignment Due
 20 Aug.  Administrivia and Ethics
HSN-AE [print] [display]
 27 Aug.   Preliminaries and Principles 
HSN-PP [print] [display]
 V:1–4  K:1
 lecture: [print] | [display
 get ONL account   17 Sep. 
 10 Sep.  Overall Architecture
and Topology
HSN-AT [print] [display]
 S:3  K:4.1
 17 Sep.  Control and Signalling
HSN-CS [print] [display]
message vs. circuit switching
packet switching
fast packet switching (VCs)
soft state vs. opportunistic VCs
optical burst switching
 S:4  [QY1999] (JYL)   K:4.2
 24 Sep. 
 15 Oct. 
Links and Optical Networks
HSN-LL [print] [display]
802.16m, 802.15.3c
 S:5.1  [D2010]
 [DZ2006] (PK) 
 [X2005] (MG) 
 lecture: [print] | [display
 lecture: [print] | [display
2 topic ideas
1–3 complete references each
due 21 Sep.
[LaTeX (BibTeX; PDF)]

topic feedback
class discussion
 01 Oct.  Exam 1 principles, network architecture and control, links
 08 Oct.  Fall Break proposal
5 references
due 08 Nov.
[LaTeX (BibTeX, figure; PDF)]
 22 Oct.  Switch & Router
Architecture and Fabrics
HSN-SR [print] [display]
 [T1988] (JYL)  K:4.3–4.8
 lecture: [print] | [display
 lecture: [print] | [display
 22 Oct.  Network Processors
HSN-NP [print] [display]  
iXP 2850 IBM NP4GS3  C:11–16  C:17–25  [AH+2004] (SGo) 
 29 Oct.  Lookup, Classification,
and Scheduling
HSN-IO [display]
 V:11–12,14   [SL2005] (JL) 
 05 Nov.  End Systems and
Network Interfaces
HSN-ES [display]
 V:5–8   [FB+2005] (MA) 
 05 Nov.  Introduction to ONL
HSN-LI [display]
 12 Nov.  Exam 2 lower layers and network components discussion
 19 Nov.  End-to-End Transport
HSN-TL [print] [display]
 W:4 or [HPW2005
 [LLS2007] (SGa)   K:3
 lecture: [print] | [display
draft term paper
due 23 Nov.
 26 Nov.  Networked Applications
HSN-NA [print] [display]
 [HOT1997] (SGa)
 [BHP2006] (SGo)
 K:2, 7
 lecture: [print] | [display
 03 Dec.  Grid Computing
Cloud Computing
Data Center Networks
IaaS/PaaS/SaaS; public/private
fat trees
 [NIST 800-145]
 [GG2003] (JL)
 [VRB2011] (MG)
 [ALV2008] (MA)
 [AGPW2003] (PK)
 03 Dec.  Future Outlook
 06 Dec.  Oral Presentations final paper
due 07 Dec.
 10 Dec.  Exam 3
Final Exam
upper layers and domain-specific networks
 22 Dec.  final grades available

Reading assignments: S = Sterbenz & Touch, C = Comer, V = Varghese, W = Welzl, K = Kurose & Ross

Exam Results

EECS 881 Fall 2012 Exam Results
Exam Minimum Mean Median Maximum
1 47 78 86 92



High-Performance Networking
James P.G. Sterbenz

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