Presentation Guidelines

This page provides presentation guidlines and submission requirements for the courses of Prof. James P.G. Sterbenz.

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Presentation Template

There are a variety of presentation programs, inlcuding MS-PowerPoint, OpenOffice or StarOffice StarImpress, Adobe FrameMaker, LaTeX, and MagicPoint. You may use any tool you wish to create presentaitons, so long as you can convert to a format that is widely displayable, such as PDF.

You are welcome to use or modify this PowerPoint template if you wish, but are also free to develop your own from scratch.

Submission Requirements

Presentations must be submitted by email in either PDF or PowerPoint format 12 hours in advance of the presentaiton session by email to the instructor.

Students are strongly encouraged to bring a backup copy to class on a memory stick. Memory sticks have become extremely cheap, have replaced floppy disks as the de facto sneakernet media, and there is thus no excuse not to own at least one.


writing guidelines and submission requirements
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